2014 colt crop
“44D” – Sold

This young colt by Peptos Stylish Oak is very willing and has as much potential as any I’ve raised. He is low headed and soft mouthed, really wants to please and being a full sib to my two-time Horse of the Year “Brown Jug”, I have high hopes of this colt being a stand out in whatever discipline he is finished in.

Thanks to Anthony Booth for his purchase of 44D.
Colt 44D, sib of two-time horse of the year, Brown Jug
2013 colt crop
Whata D Teaser

Teaser has come a long ways the last few months, she is really wanting to make a cow horse. She rides around like all of Rhonda’s colts, smooth in her gaits and lead changes.

I don’t think Teaser will make a very big horse, somewhere in the 14 to 14.2 range. She’s getting some feedlot work on her resume currently and will make a solid multi-use companion for anybody who likes a good looking one.

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Colt Whata D Teaser,
2012 colt crop
D la dama gato

A daughter of “WR This Cats Smart”, this gray mare is as quick and catty as you could want. She picks up her feet and gets across the pen or pasture elegantly and carries her head like she’s always in constant prayer. Gato would make an excellent cutter or sorter or be the fanciest ranch horse you could own. Lots of potential in this young mare.

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Colts D La Dama Gato
D spanish eyes

Sired by my stud “Kow D Man”, this powerful bay mare is a ranch horse deluxe. If you like a big ended, sound footed, low headed cow horse then you’ll love Spanish Eyes. She rides around with the best of them and won’t back down from the orneriest of critters, there isn’t a job she can’t do.

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Colt D Spanish Eyes
“D booger man” – sold

This colt is 10-year old veteran in a 4-year old’s body. He’s a solid minded, sound footed gelding who is trustworthy to accomplish any task on the ranch. He loves to rope, moves across any type of country, and sure cows with the best of them. Nice all around ranch horse here.

Thanks to Dustin and Jamie Glover for their purchase of Booger.
Colt D Booger Man
2011 colt crop
“D greaser”

A stunning beauty, Greaser is just as impressive under saddle as she is catwalking in her pen. She is as good with a rope as any horse I’ve ever ridden, if I ask her to “step up” she steps up, if I ask her to hold her ground with a bull on the end of my string she won’t budge. Big heart like all my “20” colts, Greaser has an equally big motor but the smoothest trot, lope, and spins of any my Diamonds mare has raised. I adore this mare, she’s really special.

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Colt D Greaser
“D senora”- sold

What a fantastic colt, Senora was a pleasure to start and continued to get better with every ride. Low headed and athletic, Senora can fold back into herself and move on a cow with natural instinct. She can track a calf and ground tie, has a fantastic laid back personality, and throw in her good looks, this young mare has potential in any discipline you’d like to pursue.

Thanks to Lola Andrews for her purchase of Senora.
Colt D Senora
2009 & older colt crop
“Mex D co”

I can’t say enough good things about this gelding. Katie calls him the “love of her life”. He was our first “Horse of the Year” in 2013 in Ranch Sorting earnings and has the biggest heart of any horse we’ve owned. Mex will take care of the biggest jobs on the ranch or babysit a kid on his back, he’s just an unbelievable kind soul.

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Colt Mex D co
“D chic pleasin dr”

Doctor is in Ryder’s string but that doesn’t mean he’s a kid horse. This gelding can and will move quick on a cow and be headed east one second and west the next. He’s responsive to your feet and will pin his ears back and eat a cow up. I always thought he’d make a great calf roping horse with his size and big stop. Doctor is a fun ride and an excellent ranch horse.

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Colt D Chic Pleasin Dr
“D brown jug”

Two-time RSNC ‘Horse of the Year’, Brown Jug is an exceptionally talented athlete. She is lightning fast and makes the big moves that make you grab your swells and love to ride a cow horse. She pays attention and if a cow flinches one direction she’ll beat it there. Brown Jug is a fun challenge to ride, you can’t be asleep or texting and driving on this one or she’ll leave you in the dirt wondering where the heck your cow and horse went. Oh, she’ll be with the cow.

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Colt D Brown Jug
“Mr. kow d man”

10 year old gray stallion

Stud fee: $750

I couldn’t be more proud to have raised this stud and by the performance of his colts. All easy to handle and willing to please, they have made tremendous ranch horses. Kow D Man himself is courageous and confident whether penning bulls or roping calves, rides as smooth and low headed as a pleasure horse, and is polite and well mannered when around other horses. He’s a good looking steel gray and continues to to make an impressive mature horse. He’s been a great asset to our program, both as a working ranch horse and now as a breeding piece.

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Colt Mr. Kow D Man
“jh hagends blue moon”

Blue Moon has raised both my grandkids and will elevate her performance when one of us saddle her to go to work. Ryder won his first National Champion Ranch Sorting buckle on Blue Moon, his bridle broke during the first round and she sorted her cows anyway…bridleless…taking him to the short go and ultimately winning him the title.

She’ll stick you on a calf’s left side to rope one, eat up a cow much bigger than her, and has the smoothest trot of anything on the place. These kind are hard to find, harder to replace, and impossible to forget. She’s been a special member of the family.

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Colt Jh Hagends Blue Moon
“private cd” – sold

An unbelievable quick and alert sorrel, Private is graceful yet powerful when he locks onto a cow. He’s been cutting trained and will get down and flat work. He can go all day long on the ranch but loves the sorting pen or cutting arena, he is a true performer.

Thanks to Bob May for his purchase of Private.
Colt Private Cd
d mare pasture
“rain d bow”

Rainbow is like riding a luxury car on auto pilot. I could not be more excited to have her in the remuda and have a chance to start her colts.

She’s a Sixes Pick and I’m a big fan of those genetics. Rainbow is the ultimate cow horse and gave mesmerizing performances in the sorting pen. She is why I started raising horses, so much reward out of this mare and a big future as a breeding piece.

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Colt Rain D Bow
“bee my queen”

Bee has raised my 2-time Horse of the Year “Brown Jug” and a list of other impressive progeny. She has Smart Little Lena on top and Freckles Playboy and Peppy San Badger on the bottom.

Her colts are all athletic and cow-minded. I am very proud of what she has accomplished in her career.

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Colt Bee My Queen
“geniune as diamonds”

Diamonds is a no-miss producer. Her brand number is “20” and my Twenty Pen is highly valued around here. She is so ranchy and classy, a beautiful brown with the kindest eye, and she passes on a willing-to-please big hearted attitude to all of her colts.

She has worked to any stud I’ve bred her to, each offering a different talent but all at the top of my string. Diamonds has been a great one.

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Colt Geniune As Diamonds
“whata rhonda five”

Rhonda is on the short list of favorite mares I’ve ever ridden has raised a solid ranch horse every time I’ve bred her. She’s a good looking chestnut out of Whatapick and flat loves to go to work.

I know her colts are going to be easy to break every time and have a laid back, willing personality. She has been a great addition to the mare pasture.

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Colt Whata Rhonda Five